Direct Hire

Kinetics staffing can partner with you to identify candidates to fill permanent full-time positions within your organization.
Kinetics IT Staffing can provide your organization with direct hire placement services to help supplemental your organizational needs.   At Kinetics IT staffing we deploy an extensive recruiting process to identify the most qualified candidates that not only have the technical skills, but also align with your company’s core values.
The direct hire employment solutions that we provide give you the opportunity to focus on your business. When you’re looking at your bottom line, spending the time and putting forth the effort to find the perfect employee takes away from the main goal of your company.

Recruiting top talent in today’s tight labor market requires more than posting a job opening on a job board.   It requires highly trained recruiters to actively pursue the best candidates through non-traditional recruiting techniques.    Highly skilled employees are not looking for a job.  However, if presented with the right opportunity, your opportunity, these candidates are open to making a move.   Our recruiters’ extensive network of professional allows us to take a soft recruiting approach and presenting your opportunity to these candidates.

From screening potential employees to negotiating salary, we do all the hiring work for you. We arrange interviews and share feedback with your company to find out whether the candidates we have screened have what it takes to work for you. References are carefully checked to make sure that candidates are truthful about their experience, expertise and past successes.